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    High Ticket

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    • Lifetime Access to the Summit (Value $1997)
    • 30+ Expert Video MB Sessions with our Super Affiliate Experts (Value $1997)
    • MP3 Versions to listen on the go (Value $697)
    • Complete Professional Transcripts  (Value $197)

    • Session Action Taking Notes (Value $497)

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    • 2x LIVE Group Coaching Sessions & 2x LIVE Networking Sessions (Value $2,497)

    • Super Affiliate Training Program (Value $297)

    • Networking Empire Training Program (Value $197)

    • Webinar Conquest Training Program (Value $597)

    • High Converting Sales Copy Training Program (Value $497)

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    The High Ticket Premium Pass Is The #1 Online Resource To Teach You How To Double Your Income

    Throughout my journey, I’ve been honored to learn from some of the best Super Affiliates. Just as they have had an incredible impact on the way I do things, they will change the way you think and act too.


    These world-class experts have the best affiliate tips, tricks, and strategies to help you build the income and influence you desire.


    Each of these speakers normally charge consulting rates from [$247-$1997] an hour. We say this not to impress you, but to show you the value of what they will share with you..


    And they are ready to help you move forward on your journey to high ticket affiliate profits. 


    Let our experts guide you, step-by-step. They will give you the book profit blueprint and tools you need to finally create income and influence.

    You save over 90% Off the full value price of $4,088

    You save over 90% Off the full value price of $8,173

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    ($697 Value)

    Want to learn on the go? We took each of the 30+ expert video sessions, and turned them into audio versions in downloadable MP3 format for your convenience (30+ hours of actionable training), so you can download them on your phone, iPod, iPad or computer and listen to them whenever you want – on your commute, in the car, at the gym, on the go — anytime, anywhere. With this resource, you’ve got no excuses to miss out on valuable content.



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    Everything included in the High Ticket Affiliate Summit Premium Pass.  

    • Lifetime Access to 30+ Hours of high quality sessions. 
    • Lifetime Access to the MP3 versions of each session. 
    • Transcripts of each High Ticket Affiliate Session to read wherever you are.
    • Professional Notes from each session, so you can quickly reference the key actions you want to take immediately. 





    Learn the exact secrets and strategies I used to earn over $200k as an affiliate! Be financially secure with steady monthly payments.  Become a trusted voice within your audience AND have people thank you for your advice.

    • You'll implement powerful traffic methods that will have people literally flocking to your website
    • How to make your offer the most attractive possible so people will buy through your link instead of a competitor's
    • Learn how to put the entire system on autopilot so you can spend more time doing what you love
    • ​As a special reward for going through this program, any customers you  send my way I will pay you for ETERNITY

    NETWORKING EMPIRE ($197 Value)


    The exact system I used to build my business empire - without knowing a single person!

    Every tool and resource you need to build your own empire, without the stress of talking to strangers or spending loads of cash trying to impress the wrong people. Avoid the awkwardness of "networking events" and take control of your entire destiny.

    • How to magnetically attract people, form real friendships and turn them into profit
    • Avoid the relationship landmine that destroys partnerships
    • How to join the 'inner circles' and get invited to all the back room parties where the real deals are made
    • Never deal with meaningless business cards and unreturned emails again
    • PLUS BONUSES to become an instant celebrity, help you get that promotion, and throw parties filled with millionaires that people will be desperate to get an invite to!

    WEBINAR CONQUEST ($597 Value)


    Webinars are undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.  These days, a single webinar can bring in millions of dollars in sales simply by teaching people what they know, then transitioning into the sale of a bigger product (even if you don't have one yet).  You'll learn:

    • The foundational techniques to creating webinars so that people are already primed to buy your product before you sell it
    • How to accelerate your profits by bringing on partners to help you succeed
    • How to keep people engaged for a full hour, even if you've got stage fright (hint, your face doesn't have to appear on screen)
    • Follow the secrets of infomercials that spend millions testing and you'll be sure to profit from it
    • PLUS BONUSES to help you decide what software to rely on, plug and play templates, and how to create a landing page that entices people to sign up for your webinar



    Learn one of the most important skills in your business. You'll never have to hire someone. You won't have to struggle to be heard above the noise anymore. You'll know the exact order to put your words in so people will be ATTRACTED to your offers.
     Copywriting is not a one-off thing, you'll be using and strengthening these skills for life.

    • How to turn freebie seekers into loyal paying customers
    • Follow along with a breakdown of all the little components to a sales page and how to sell big ticket items
    • The magic sentence that creates 80% of your results and three ways to make it work quickly and effectively
    • How to get people to trust you and believe what you're saying
    • PLUS BONUSES to turn your sales letter into a high converting video, how to make extra cash after you've made the sale, and the long term strategy to net you a consistent income


    2x NETWORKING SESSIONS ($2497 Value)


    Join us for 2 LIVE GROUP COACHING SESSIONS and 2 LIVE NETWORKING SESSIONS. Take action right away on everything you have been learning and get direct answers to your questions and network with other stars to jump start your High Ticket Affiliate lifestyle!


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    Get Access To Over 30 World-Class Expert Sessions Plus $4,088 In Exclusive Bonuses… Starting at $197 $97

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